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Resistance of items to dishwashing - Test method for reference purposes relating to household goods in accordance to DIN EN 12875


Washing household goods by machine places high demands on the qualities of glasses, tableware, and cutlery. To ensure resistance from the beginning, household goods are tested in an elaborate test procedure regarding their resistance under thermal, chemical, and mechanical stress, which occurs in household dishwashers.

Now we here at the IGR “Institut für Glas- und Rohstofftechnologie“ are expanding our range of services to include a test method for reference purposes in order to examine household goods made of glass, glass ceramic, enamel, metal, and plastic with regard to their mechanical, thermal, and chemical resistance during rinsing processes. The purchase of a dishwasher test rig enables us to carry out automated examinations using a wide range of conditions.



Dishwasher IGR

Dishwasher test rig by Steitz Präzisionstechnik


The high adaptability of the dishwasher test rig allows a broad modification of the rinsing processes regarding water quantity, rinsing time, pre-rinsing, drying times, temperature as well as the type and form of commercially available cleaners, allowing the resistance of the products to be tested using the desired conditions.

As a recognized laboratory accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025, we are committed to quality. Therefore, all of our examinations are performed according to the requirements of DIN EN 12875, e.g. the use of category II detergent A and rinse aid.