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Information on sample handling periods for chemical analyses


Depending on the type of sample and the desired chemical analysis, there are different handling periods, which we would like to briefly explain to you in the following.

Analyses of glass samples that have just been produced are usually carried out within one to two working days. During this time, the samples are prepared for chemical analysis, digested and analysed together with an internal standard.

Depending on the required analysis, cullet and raw materials require much more complex preparation, such as drying, crushing, homogenising and grinding. In addition, the processing of larger sample quantities is necessary here for reasons of homogeneity. Internal standards - which are, however, quite expensive - are also used for quality assurance in these analyses.


2021 03 Scherben getrocknetDried cullet for further preparation

Since the analyses of cullet and raw materials are mostly regularly recurring analyses within the context of quality assurance, these samples are typically collected at the IGR over a short period of time and analysed together. This procedure minimises both the workload at the IGR and the costs for our customers. This results in handling periods of about two weeks.

Do you have cullet and raw material samples that need to be analysed urgently? Then please let us know when placing the order. Of course, we will then process these samples immediately and prioritised for a small surcharge, so that you will receive the results within one to two working days.

After all, in accordance with our company's guiding principle, it is always our intention to handle our customers' orders both quickly and to their complete satisfaction.