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Exhaust gas measurements in the area of hot-end coating


For some time now, the IGR has been offering exhaust gas measurements for the analysis of ambient air in the area of hot-end coating. 
In the production of hollow glass, glassworks often use hot-end coating agents  and cold-end coating agents for surface finishing, which reduces the susceptibility of glass breakage and protects the surface from possible scratches.

The hot-end coating typically used in this process is in the form of mono-n-butyltin trichloride solution (MBTC), which when heated reacts with air components (water, oxygen) and forms toxic vapours, resulting in toxic organotin compounds. If these are not completely extracted by the tempering bonnet, but escape, it can lead to the workplace limit values being exceeded in the ambient air and thus pose a risk for workers in this sector. 

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Tin oxide as inclusion in glass

In order to exclude or detect such exceeded limit values, the IGR offers analyses of the ambient air of hot-end coating plants for organotin compounds.For this purpose, air samples are taken by means of gas scrubbing systems, which are analysed for their tin content by ICP-OES.
If limit values are exceeded during such an exhaust gas measurement, IGR also offers metrological support for bonnet optimization and checking the functionality by means of regular exhaust gas measurements.