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Actual Information to what the Corona Pandemic (SARS-CoV-2, Covid 19) means for the IGR


What have we done?

As an accredited laboratory, the IGR is obliged to carry out a risk assessment in which all risks are continuously evaluated and analysed. Based on this risk analysis, the following measures were implemented for the current situation in the context of the Covid19 pandemic at the beginning of March 2020, in addition to the generally known hygiene concepts:


The staff was divided into two teams. The teams have been set up according to the responsibilities of the individual members of staff so that all tasks are covered at all times. These teams work in a bi-weekly rhythm with a time delay so that employees from different groups do not meet each other. This ensures that
    • the minimum distance in the laboratory and offices can be maintained,
    • the group within which a possible infection could be transmitted is very small and
    • in case of a possible infection of one group, there is always another group available to handle all the tasks that may occur.

In the case that the volume of tasks requires the team to be supplemented by members of the other group, these members mainly come in the evening at a later time or at the weekend and wear mouth and nose protection.
In principle, external persons are not allowed to enter the IGR rooms nowadays. However, if it is absolutely necessary, comprehensive precautionary measures are taken (disinfection of hands, wearing mouth and nose protection).

In addition, the IGR is officially classified by the authorities as system relevant.



What do we plan?

In addition to the above actions, an extensive plan was drawn up on how the IGR reacts to changes of the conditions. Both, in the case of - not to be hoped - worsening of the situation, as well as in the normalization that everyone is longing for. If there are significant restrictions by any authority order, we will of course inform you as our customers promptly.


S T A Y   S A F E,   S T A Y   H E A L T H Y !